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Real Estate Agency "Business Kvartal", Cherkasy

Real Estate Agency "Business Kvartal", Cherkasy, invites you to cooperation in the field of buying, selling, renting of residential and commercial real estate, buying / selling a business, building land in Cherkassy and Cherkassy region.

Our principle: service to and from the property. We offer a full range of services from property search to the transaction.

With the help of real estate "Business Kvartal" you can sell or buy an apartment, house, commercial property, land, office, retail and industrial real estate, rent a room in Cherkassy.

Real Estate Agency "Business Kvartal" - real estate company, which was established in Cherkassy in June 2011. At the time of creation, leading members of the Real Estate Agency "Business Kvartal" had five years of experience in real estate.

The company's efforts are aimed at providing services of the highest quality.

Legal services provided by real estate agency "Business Kvartal", Cherkasy, - the key to your safety when entering and carrying out the transaction when buying / selling real estate in the city of Cherkasy.

The basic principle of the business philosophy of our company - continuous improvement of the business and the professionalism of our real estate agents so that the full extent to meet the need of the customer, which means it is the satisfaction of the transaction . And it does not always mean to sell as much as possible , because we understand that there is nothing more dangerous to a business than to sell the customer what he does not need , or that it does not fit.

We offer clients an individual approach to solving problems , the main aim of which is to save money, time and effort.

REA " Business Kvartal " , Cherkasy, professes "office " work style, which makes it possible to produce a constant monitoring of the quality of their staff . In our work , our company makes extensive use of advanced technologies to collect and process information about objects and the state of the property market. We are constantly looking for new ways to develop , improve and extend the range of services , improve the level of their employees.

If you are looking for and want to buy or sell an apartment, house , land , offices , shop, warehouse, industry, are going to invest in real estate or to assess property in Cherkasy and Cherkassy region , we invite you to cooperation. We hope that our expertise and energy to help make progress in solving your problems!

Free services "Real Estate Agents" Business Kvartal "

1. Entering the property into a single database objects. 
2. Adding to the sold object in the database MLS (MLS). 
3. Legal advice. 
4. Accommodation (advertising) on a property on the agency. 
5. Recommendations for improving the object for sale. 
6. Ability to deliver a buyer for the car. 
7. Expert appraisal of real property (documents). 
8. Provide room for negotiation.

In the case of a contract through the real estate agency "Business District", Cherkasy offer:

- Checking the history of the property. 
- Help with a loan. 
- The registration of ownership of the property in the BTI (after signing the contract of sale). 
- The organization of checking and counting the money. 
- Assistance in the privatization of housing. 
- After-sales service. 
- Legalization of redevelopment.


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